The Andrew Lloyd Webber Initiative

What strikes me is that there’s a very fine line between success and failure. Just one ingredient can make the difference.
Andrew Lloyd Webber

The Initiative

A new initiative that expands the Wing’s commitment to theatre education with grants for training, scholarships, and school resources.


This major new national initiative, which is being funded with a $1.3 million, three-year grant from the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation, will support theatre education opportunities for underserved young people and under-resourced public schools around the United States.  This project is an expansion of the work that the multi-Tony Award winning composer and producer has been doing to promote and fund arts education through his Foundation in the United Kingdom.  It serves to both strengthen and expand the Wing’s core mission of nurturing the next generation of theatre makers and patrons.

The Andrew Lloyd Webber Initiative consists of three separate components:

  1. Classroom Resources: Through a grant-giving program, funding will be provided directly to under-resourced public schools to provide instruments, dance floors, lighting grids, and other necessary materials to help create new and enhance existing theatre programs.
  2. Training Scholarships: Funding will go towards covering the costs associated with sending select students to summer study and after school training programs.
  3. 4-Year Partial University Scholarships: Financial support will be provided to select students to pursue theatre studies at the University level.

The Training Scholarships application portal is now available. Click here.

The 4-Year Partial University Scholarships applications is now available.  Click here.

The Classroom Resources initiative grants cycle is currently closed.  

This initiative is made possible by the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation.

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