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About American Theatre Wing
In 2012, the American Theatre Wing is celebrating 95 years of service to the American Theatre. For nearly a century, the mission of the Wing has been to serve and support the theatre by celebrating excellence, nurturing the public's appreciation of theatre, and providing unique educational and access opportunities for both practitioners and audiences. Traditionally, ATW has done this by encouraging members of the theatre community to share their off-stage time and talent directly with the theatre audience at large--whether it was singing for the troops in the Stage Door Canteen of the 1940's, or sharing their stories on a podcast today.

Best known for creating The Antoinette Perry "Tony" Awards®, now presented with The Broadway League, ATW has developed the best-known national platform for the recognition of theatrical achievement on Broadway. Yet ATW's reach extends beyond Broadway and beyond New York, with educational and media work that offers the very best in theatre to people around the world.

Media and Educational Outreach Programs:
  • Working in the Theatre: An acclaimed fixture on New York television and in the theatre community for more than 30 years, this program offers an unprecedented forum for the meeting of theatrical minds and presents a rare opportunity for students and audiences to get a glimpse inside theatre.

  • Downstage Center: ATW's acclaimed theatrical interview podcast, Downstage Center spotlights the creative talents on Broadway, Off Broadway, across the country, and around the world with in-depth conversations posted to ATW's website and iTunes. In the coming year, listeners can look forward to a rotating cast of interviewers carefully matched with each guest, creating intimate conversations between artists that are not available elsewhere.

  • The American Theatre Wing Archive: Features more than 800 hours of archived media available for free online. It includes all ATW's programming including special feature series like our "Career Guides" that help chart a path for those wishing to work in the field and "In The Wings" that goes behind the scenes to examine how theatre works. Additionally, the archive provides unprecedented public access to media produced by our partner organizations including the Stage Directors and Choreographers Foundation's "Masters of The Stage" program and the Broadway League's "This is Broadway."

Artistic Advancement Programs:
  • The National Theatre Company Grants Program: A program distributing $10,000 grants to regional theatre companies with five to fifteen years of production history. Companies presented with these grants are recognized for their outstanding new play development and commitment to education, outreach work, and community engagement. One of ATW's programmatic priorities is the expansion of this initiative as well as expanding its reach in the area of individual artist programs.

  • The Jonathan Larson Grants: A unique grant program that recognizes excellence among emerging musical theatre artists, supporting composers, lyricists, and book writers at the beginning of their careers.

  • The Tony Awards®: Presented each year in partnership with the Broadway League, the Tony Award is Broadway's highest honor. For over thirty years, the Tony Award presentation has been aired over CBS-TV each June. In addition to rewarding the best of the Broadway season, the programs themselves have won several Emmy Awards. The Tony Award remains the most coveted award in American theatre.

Professional Development Programs
  • The Theatre Intern Group: A networking and professional development group for young people beginning their careers in theatre administration and management. Providing educational, social, and career opportunities to interns who work in theatrical offices, the program enables members to build a peer network immediately upon entering the field and make informed future career choices.

  • SpringboardNYC: A two-week concentrated pre-professional training course for college students planning careers in theatre. Students, many of whom are supported by scholarships awarded by ATW, learn industry skills and career development tools to translate their academic training into productive careers.