Working in the Theatre: Audio Immersive Plays

In the wake of social distancing and mask mandates, theatres had to pivot if they wanted to open in person during the summer of 2021. Enter “Blindness” and Refracted Theatre Company’s “I Couldn’t Tell You Why,” two audio immersive productions that pushed the limits of traditional theatre to find an even more intimate and impactful story.

“Blindness,” adapted by Simon Stephens, is a completely pre-recorded soundscape experience with only lights (or the lackthereof) and a single voice to guide the audience through a dystopian world. “I Couldn’t Tell You Why” by Harrison David Rivers is an outdoor interpretive movement piece that builds upon pre-recorded audio with three actors playing all the characters. Through the use of headphones and innovative problem solving, these two shows mastered the art of immersive theatre with a twist, proving adapting doesn’t always mean digital.

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