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Springboard NYC

At Springboard you get to connect to so many things—working on audition material, speaking with artists, directors, and performers about their experience, being able to see shows, having access to rehearsals at the Tony Awards. I’ve seen how I’m able to gain from my Theatre Wing community; you go so much further when joining forces. Theatre isn’t meant to be in a vacuum, it’s meant for exchange and [Springboard] is such a beautiful conduit of that.

— Adam Hyndman, SpringboardNYC alumni, upon his Broadway debut in Disney’s “Aladdin”

Pictured: Adam Hyndman at SpringboardNYC

Jonathan Larson Grants

What was so amazing about the Jonathan Larson Grant was being an emergent composer recognized by this incredible institution at the foreground of musical theater. It wasn’t just the philosophical and moral affirmation or the confidence boost; it was also the exposure. It was [the Larson] grant, in part, that put me on the radar.

— Dave Malloy, creator of the Broadway musical “Natasha Pierre & The Great Comet"

Pictured: Dave Malloy accepting his Jonathan Larson Grant in 2009

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