This Network meeting featured a panel of Black theatre creators, educators, and leaders discussing anti-Blackness within our industry, the power structures at play, and how we can create a more equitable American Theatre. Our panelists shared their experiences and perspectives on the ways systemic racism has impacted Black members of the theatre community. It is our goal that this discussion will help us to move forward as an industry by contributing to a deeper understanding, and by generating ideas for ways we can make meaningful change.

Binta Niambi Brown

Amara Brady
Marilyn McCormick
Dominique Morisseau

You can watch this and past webinars, in their entirety, on our official YouTube channel.


The panel discussion is part of the Wing’s National COVID-19 Response Effort, which includes brand new, rapid funding mechanisms to help support and sustain the theatre community at both the local and national level, as well as a series of new, online educational offerings to continue its mission of enriching and empowering students and emerging leaders.

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