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  • Working In The Theatre – Working in the Theatre shares the stories of the people that make theatre great and provides our audience with the most comprehensive and in-depth conversations, interviews, and resources about American theatre anywhere online. Our growing library of films include more than 900 guests and have been broadcast to over seven million households and viewed on the web over 50,000 times per month.
  • In The Wings – Focusing on the people who are almost never in the news but who are essential to the making of the shows we all see and love, In The Wings explores the talents and stories behind the scenes, from the costume and scenic shops to the rehearsal room to the stage itself, with designers, artisans and craftspeople explaining their unique contributions to theatrical art in their own words. These short videos shine the spotlight on disciplines you may not even realize are a part of theatrical production and celebrate the full diversity of talent that contribute to bringing a show to the stage.
  • Career Guides – Created in partnership with the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center, the Guides to Careers in the Theatre are a series of one-on-one video interviews with the theatre’s leading artists and professionals, explaining each specific discipline in the theatre and what it takes to pursue that specialty and make a career in the theatre.
  • Tony Awards Cues and Highlights – Learn more from the Tony Nominees including audition stories, advice for new actors, and their future dream roles.
  • Jonathan Larson Grant Presentations – The few grants Jonathan Larson received boosted his professional confidence so that he could pursue a career writing for the musical theatre. Today, each of the Jonathan Larson grants are awarded to an artist to recognize and showcase their work with no strings attached – except to put it to the best use possible to help further the artist’s creative endeavors.

  • Downstage Center (2004 to 2012) – The American Theatre Wing presents Downstage Center a weekly theatrical interview show, featuring the top artists working in theatre, both on and Off-Broadway and around the country. With over 300 hours of in-depth interviews with Laura Benanti, Scott Ellis, Bernadette Peters, Jack O’Brien, and Sir Patrick Stewart, Downstage Center has something over everyone.

  • New episodes of Working In The Theatre
  • 2014 Tony Nominees Questions


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