“It will come as no surprise that I have a deep appreciation for outspoken women.  So I am particularly proud to be here tonight representing the American Theatre Wing. Founded by suffragists during the first World War, the Wing’s legacy has been shaped by a long line of women who’ve known how to fight for what they believe in. From Rachel Crothers to Antoinette Perry, from Isabelle Stevenson to its current president, Heather Hitchens, the spirit of these women has made the Wing both patriotic and progressive – and a ceaseless champion of our most courageous storytellers.  And now, the Wing’s first hundred years have been vividly captured in a new book full of inspiring stories and rare photos, which is now available everywhere.

Today, the Wing matters more than ever.  Artists must continue to find the courage to be society’s moral compass.  So, my fellow artists, rest assured that the Wing is here – steadfast – with its hand on our backs, from the earliest stages of our careers onward, supporting and embracing our work— guiding us into the next hundred years!”

– Patti LuPone at the 2018 Tony Awards