In partnership with Design Action, Springboard to Design encourages and mentors students from underrepresented populations in the industry to explore the process of theatrical collaboration and the many avenues of American Theatre design. Led by renowned members of the contemporary theatre in the heart of NYC, the Springboard to Design curriculum includes workshops, seminars, and access to important work on Broadway and off. Instructors will consist of award-winning artists who will create a collaborative environment for students, as they explore costume, set, lighting, projection, and sound design.

Springboard to Design aims to provide students with access to theatre education they may not otherwise receive. Therefore, no prior experience is required to participate. Applicants with an interest in sewing, fashion, drawing, painting, building, creating, and storytelling are highly encouraged to apply. Students who already have a love for theater but don’t know where they fit in are also encouraged.

Springboard to Design is a tuition-free program taking place from July 10-14th in NYC. Students are responsible for getting to and from the program each day. There are a limited number of hotel rooms available on a first-come, first-serve basis for students based outside of NYC who wish to attend.  Any student requesting a room must have a parent or guardian with them for the duration of their stay/outside the hours of the program. Room requests can be indicated on the Springboard to Design application.

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