The American Theatre Wing presents the 22nd Annual Jonathan Larson Grants, recognizing emerging creators of musical theatre, at the Jerome L. Greene Space, on March 19, 2019. Recipients: Julia Gytri and Avi Amon Emily Gardner Xu Hall Ben Wexler Andy Roninson Credit: Stephanie Berger.

On Monday, March 18th we celebrated five amazing composers and lyricists at the 2019 Jonathan Larson Grant reception at the Jerome L. Greene Space.

This year we celebrated recipients Julia Gytri and Avi Amon, Emily Gardner Xu Hall, Ben Wexler, and Andy Roninson.

All photos by Stephanie Berger.

The 2019 Jonathan Larson Grant Recipients.

The recipients joined by Julie Larson, Matt Larson, Heather Hitchens, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Anthony Rapp.


Daphne Rubin-Vega, Anthony Rapp.

Andrew Lloyd Webber Recipients Nena Daniels and Marcus Gladney.

Ben Wexler performs his song “Lordy, Lordy.”

Katrina Lenk performs “Query: What is Love?” from Warped by Andy Roninson.

“Sing to Me,” written and performed by Avi Amon and Julia Gytri accompanied by Caesar Samayoa, Sharone Sayegh, Sam Weber, Meitar Farkosh, Kiraxy Sanchez, April Centrone.

“The Man in Paris” written and performed by Emily Gardner Xu Hall accompanied by Jordan Tyson, Isabella Dawis, Carlie Oh, Rachel Duddy, Chloe Seunghyen Kim, Jay Julio, Lorenzo Wolff, Jeremy Smith, Jason Weisinger.

Daphne Rubi-Vega, Anthony Rapp, Ben Rauhala perform “Another Day/Finale B (“No Day But Today”)” from Rent.