Wing Chairman William Ivey Long with representatives of some of the National Theatre Company Grantees

We are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2013 grant cycle below:

16th Street Theater is dedicated to artistic excellence, professionalism, diversity and affordability; the company exists to encourage debate, discussion and compassion among the community through the medium of intimate and diverse theater with the playwright as its central focus. As the only professional theater in Berwyn, IL, 16th Street serves and gives voice to all in the community, inviting audiences to experience not only their own stories but those of their neighbors.

The Catastrophic Theatre is the premier creator and producer of new work not otherwise available in Houston, TX. The company is dedicated to creating a meaningful exchange between artists and audiences through new work. With a pronounced emphasis on emotional experience, Catastrophic Theatre encourages diverse interpretations focusing on mystery, poetry, and a considered preference for questions rather than answers.

Constellation Theatre Company Located in Washington, DC, Constellation Theatre Company’s mission is to spark the curiosity and imagination of their audiences by bringing stories to life from all over the world. By opening their creative process to the community, the company cultivates interdisciplinary collaboration that unites the acting ensemble, the written word, visual spectacle, original music and movement to form an intimate and vibrant entertainment experience.

The Cutting Ball Theater Located in San Francisco, CA, The Cutting Ball Theater’s mission is to develop productions of experimental new plays and re-visioned classics, with an emphasis on language and images. The company’s goals are to honor and move forward the field of avant-garde theater and to provide an artistic home to playwrights, directors, actors and designers interested in challenging themselves and deepening their work through experimentation.

Golden Thread Productions is dedicated to exploring Middle Eastern cultures and identities as expressed around the globe. Located in San Francisco, CA, the company presents alternative perspectives of the Middle East by developing and producing theatrical work that is aesthetically varied and politically and viscerally engaging, thus making the Middle East a potent presence on the American stage and a treasured cultural experience.

The Hypocrites Located in Chicago, IL, The Hypocrites’ mission is to make a Theater of Honesty. Through the balance of an unyielding emotional honesty and accepting a concept of “play,” the company seeks to strengthen the connection between artist and audience, enriching the audience’s imaginative experience. Ultimately, aiming, perhaps somewhat naively, to spread understanding within society, thereby minimizing cruelty.

Prospect Theater Company Located in New York, NY, Prospect Theater Company’s goals are to connect communities of artists and audiences to each other and to theatrical history by re-interpreting classic plays and musicals, and to use these connections to collaboratively create new works. The company strives to connect theater’s present to its past – in order to build its future.

Theater Latte Da seeks to create new connections between story, music, artist, and audience by exploring and expanding the art of musical theater. Located in Minneapolis, MN, the company combines music and story to illuminate the breadth and depth of the human experience and produces work in a wide range of venues ideally suited for each production, treating Twin Cities audiences to a dynamic, one-of-a-kind theatrical experience.

Third Rail Repertory Theatre provides a dynamic artistic home for theatre audiences in Portland, OR by fostering a professional local company. Through collaboration and discipline, it brings to life exceptional stories that provoke dialogue, encourage empathy, and inspire curiosity. The permanent ensemble shares an understanding of each other’s working styles with a desire to deliver artistic excellence to Portland audiences on a consistent basis.

True Colors Theatre Company creates a moveable feast of theatre grounded in the rich canon of African-American classics and branches out to include bold interpretations of world drama with a strong commitment to diverse new voices helping to develop those early-career writers. Located in Atlanta, GA, the company intends to be an important voice in the American discussion of diversity, supporting and propelling individuals and institutions in their quest for understanding.