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Working in the Theatre: Sign Language Theatre

Sign Language theatre has come to the forefront of commercial theatre through a production of Spring Awakening on Broadway. However, from the days of Charlie Chaplin films to the work at National Theatre of the Deaf and Gallaudet University, deaf actors and creative team members have produced some of the most incredible theatrical experiences. Follow members of the cast of Spring Awakening, Gallaudet University, and more as we explore the creative process, the history, and the joy that comes from sign language theatre.

For more information on Gallaudet University’s Theatre program

For more information on Spring Awakening.

For more information on Deaf West Theatre.

For more information on the Accessibility program at the National Endowment for the Arts.



  • Spuri1

    Thank you for recognizing the wonderful talent of this production and, most importantly, the necessity for more productions that are accessible to the Deaf Community. I have one critique for this video, however. Please add captions for the speaking sections. I’m sure there are plenty of Deaf folks who would want to have full access to this information, not just hearing folks who don’t understand the sections that are in ASL. Thank you, so much.

    • American Theatre Wing

      Thanks for your comment. We use both Vimeo and YouTube as our platform for Working in the Theatre videos. Both these services provide free closed captioning to our viewers by simply clicking on the closed captioning button.

      • Spuri1

        Ok, thanks.