I’ve had so many different levels of life-changing, like when I heard Stephen Sondheim for the first time when I was five, that changed my life. That was the thing where I was like, “Oh my gosh, hold on. People sing their feelings? This is remarkable.” So, that. The song “I Remember Sky” was [used for] learning to play the piano. My mom is a voice teacher, and she had it on the piano, and I just started plunking it out. I was probably like 8 or 9, and then I started singing along to it, and I was crying because I just thought it was so unbelievably beautiful. Then, I saw Crazy for You when I was 11 with my middle school class, and I was like, “That! I want to do that.” – Tony Award winner Laura Benanti


This entry first appeared in a Playbill article on June 24th, 2015.