The Spotlights content type are used for the purple CTAs on the homepage and channel details.

To create a Spotlight:

  1. Navigate to Components > Spotlights and click Add New Spotlight or hover over + New in the toolbar and click Spotlight.
  2. Enter a title in the Title field. This is the text that appears in white over the image.
  3. Enter a label in the Link Button Label field. This is the text that appears underlined in gold over the image.
  4. Choose Internal or External in the Link Type section.
  5. If the link is internal, choose the new post or page to link to using the Search field or the scroll area in the Post section.
  6. If the link is external, enter a URL in the External Link field.
  7. Click Set Featured Image and follow the dialogue to upload or choose a Featured Image 950 x 950 pixels at 72ppi.
  8. Click Publish.

To select/change Spotlights:

  1. Navigate to ATW Settings > Homepage.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom, finding the Homepage Spotlight Featuressection.
  3. In each tab, select the desired spotlights. The order corresponds to the order they appear on the homepage. For example, spotlight 1 is in the first row, while spotlight 3 is the final one on the page.
  4. Click Save Options at the top of the page.

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