Past Recipients

In WordPress, this content type is located in ATW > Recipients. We added an example as a draft to get you started. Here’s a quick overview of the post content:

  • Title: Name or organization
  • Dek*: Short description of award
  • Site Title* and URL* (primarily applies to National Theatre Co.)
  • Description: Recipient bio
  • Award/Grant
  • Year
  • Featured image*: If available. Square image, recommended size 360x360px, minimum 180x180px.
*Optional, but highly recommended if available.


For the bios, about 300 characters are displayed before the “show more” link, so we recommend keeping them relatively short.

The “show more” link will expand the bio directly on the page, as you see on the example page:


In some instances (specifically Larson) there are two awardees for a grant.

For double headshots, put them side-by-side at the same height, as in the attached screenshot, cropping in tight on the faces to get a taller image. Use  the square wherever possible.


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