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SDCF Masters of the Stage
Rare insights into the working process of America's most seminal directors and choreographers are the focus of "Masters of the Stage." This series features more than three decades of priceless One-on-One interviews and panel discussions with theatre's most distinguished luminaries. Listen to these never before broadcast programs and hear the story of the American theatre told by those who helped chart its course. The Stage Directors and Choreographers Foundation brings you to this series through the collaborative efforts of the Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers and the American Theatre Wing.

In Conversation With... Susan Stroman
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Susan Stroman - Director
Thomas Kail

Directors rarely get the opportunity to spend time and share ideas in a room with other directors. This new one-on-one conversation series was conceived by director Thomas Kail to give himself, and his peers, an opportunity to do just that. This series of conversations explores topics that stretch from finding the spark in their work, making a life as a director, and how they landed on this side of the table. Each director's vision is distinct, and their way of working is their own, but this series also addresses all they have in common beyond the shared title.

In July 2011, Thomas Kail sat in conversation with Susan Stroman in her office in Manhattan. They discuss her early exposure to the theatre and her impulse to pursue directing and choreographing professionally. The conversation also includes the importance of creating one's own opportunities, the unique aspects of touring productions, and the necessity of deep collaboration when creating theater.

Originally recorded - July 1, 2011
Running Time - 56:02

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