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SDCF Masters of the Stage
Rare insights into the working process of America's most seminal directors and choreographers are the focus of "Masters of the Stage." This series features more than three decades of priceless One-on-One interviews and panel discussions with theatre's most distinguished luminaries. Listen to these never before broadcast programs and hear the story of the American theatre told by those who helped chart its course. The Stage Directors and Choreographers Foundation brings you to this series through the collaborative efforts of the Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers and the American Theatre Wing.

Directing Opera
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Mark Lamos
Lillian Garrett-Groag
Rhoda Levine

On September 25, 1996, James Graves, Associate Director of SDCF, moderated a panel about Directing Opera. Panelists included Lillian Garrett-Groag, Mark Lamos, and Rhoda Levine. With great vibrancy and humor, the panelists consider the challenges of working in foreign countries, methods to navigate working in a foreign language, and the skills and knowledge necessary for theatre artists to work in opera. Most interestingly, their backgrounds are varied: a choreographer (Ms. Levine), a musician and actor (Mr. Lamos), and a multi-lingual director immersed in opera since childhood (Ms. Garrett-Groag). They delve deeply into the Director/Conductor relationship and elucidate the reasons why this is most significant in opera. And they share the thrills of doing new work, including experience developing operas based on the books Celia, A Slave, and Haroun and the Sea of Stories. This honest and open conversation among peers is essential listening for any artist aspiring to direct opera.

Originally recorded - September 25, 1996
Running Time - 1:27:02

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