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Larson Grants


Who should apply?
Composers, lyricists and bookwriters who work in musical theatre are eligible to apply for the grants. We are aware that artists work in multiple disciplines; and while it is not necessary that you only work in musical theatre, selections of representative work submitted must be for musical theatre.

For 2014, Individuals may apply as lyricists, composers, librettists, or any combination of the three. Collaborative teams may apply together as composer, lyricist, and/or librettist, or any combination of the three. Collaborators who work together regularly are strongly encouraged to apply as a team.

The Jonathan Larson Grants do not currently fund organizations for musical theatre productions. If you are an organization producing work, consider applying for the ATW National Theatre Company Grant Program.

I've applied for the grant in the past; can I apply again in 2013?
All past applicants are invited to apply again, regardless of whether you've applied in the past. Applicants applying again should try to submit different material that reflects your latest work. Even if your project is the same it is usually best to select and incorporate at least some different work samples to highlight what you consider to be the strongest parts.

I write with several collaborative teams. Can I apply with them all?
Applicants may only appear on one application per grant cycle. If you write with multiple teams, you could either apply as an individual with your work only (ie. Librettist submitting libretto only), or choose to apply with a team with whom you have a significant working relationship. Ideally, you and your team will have collaborated on more than one project, but this is not required.

Can I apply if I am still in school?
No. The Larson Grants are not scholarships. Artists applying for grants should have begun working professionally.

Are there any age restrictions?
No, although the focus is on individuals in their early to mid-career who have not yet received a significant level of acclaim (and attendant income) in their field. Artists who have had a work successfully produced on Broadway, for example, will most likely not be considered.

What are the criteria for selection?
The selection committees will judge applicants based on talent, artistic merit, and a commitment to a career in musical theatre.

How can I use the grant award?
These grants recognize your talent as an artist, and are meant to provide general support to help you in your career. There are no restrictions.

If I work with a collaborator, should we apply separately or as a team?
You can do either. Teams that work together on a regular basis should send in one application as a collaborative team. Artists, who work in all disciplines or with many different collaborators, should most likely apply as an individual. For 2014, the grants committee may choose to honor composers, lyricists, or librettists individually as well as collaborative teams. Applications that showcase a larger, fully realized body of work (such as music, lyrics, and book samples) will likely be more competitive.

How should I choose my representative work?
Simply submit your best work; this is one of the most important parts of your application.

Make selections that showcase the variety of styles you work in. Composers and Lyricist applicants will upload 3-6 songs that show all of your skills to their best advantage. Bookwriters/Librettists will upload a strong sample of their work, no music required.

Remember, first impressions are important: although your representative work will read/ heard in full by each reader, the first selection should be a strong one, so the adjudicator looks forward to hearing more. If you are able, it is best to submit work from more than one piece (although, this is not a requirement).

How do I submit letters of recommendation?
You will have the option to identify your recommenders via the online application portal. They will receive an email with instructions on how to log in and upload their information.

What is the selection process?
Each application is read and scored by at least two readers with expertise in musical theatre. The highest scoring applicants (approximately 10) go to an Expert Panel for the final decision.

I have specific questions about my situation that is not covered here, what should I do?
Artists often have unique questions regarding their collaborative teams, their work samples, or their application formatting. If you are uncertain what to do, call the office for guidance at (212) 765-0606.

- Jonathan Larson® is a registered trademark of Skeeziks, LLC