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Larson Grants
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As stated in the Jonathon Larson Grant Guidelines, an online application with supporting materials is required for an application to be considered.

Applications are accepted in the following areas:
  • Individuals may apply as lyricists, composers, librettists, or any combination of the three.

  • Collaborative teams may apply together as composer, lyricist, and/or librettist, or any combination of the three. Collaborators who work together regularly are strongly encouraged to apply as a team. If your collaborative team has more than three individuals, please contact the ATW offices.


Completed Application Forms, including:
  • General Information.

  • Artistic Statement - on the form provided, describe your achievements and goals for your career as a creative artist or collaborative team (one per application). Please do not make specific monetary requests as part of the application.

  • Creative Curriculum Vitae - productions/workshops/readings, educational history, and including list of awards (one for each applicant or each member of a team, please submit multiple CVs in one, combined .pdf or .doc file)

  • Comprehensive Work Sample List - a list of all the song and libretto selections with authorship information. Work samples are only required in accordance with your application focus. For instance, if you are applying as a composer only, please only submit music, and dramatic context for the song. Do not submit a book or lyrics for adjudication. The same would be true if you were applying as a lyricist or bookwriter, only submit samples for the area or areas for which you wish to be considered.

Once you have completed the Work Sample list, you will have the opportunity to upload your material.
  • Libretto - Please submit one-act only of a musical book (or if your work does not have a traditional act-break, an excerpt of 60 pages or less). .pdf format is preferred. You may start your libretto with a 1-page synopsis of the show in its entirety.

  • Audio Files/Song Selections - upload selected songs (accepted formats include MP3, MP4, WMA, WAV, ACC (M4A) and FLAC). Select individual tracks and pieces that reflect your best work.

  • Dramatic Context/Lyric Sheets - describe the dramatic context and provide the lyrics for each song selection.

Additionally, though not required, applicants may provide a letter of support/recommendation from theatre artists or educators.
The application deadline for the 2014 grants is September 30th, 2013.

To be considered for this grant, applications must be submitted online no later than midnight on September 30th. If you are unable to access the internet to submit an online application, please contact the ATW offices by September 23rd to make arrangements to submit a paper application.

Please call (212) 765-0606 x310 with any questions regarding the deadlines or the application process.

- Jonathan Larson® is a registered trademark of Skeeziks, LLC