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In The Wings
Are you one of those people who studies the extensive list of names at the back of the Playbill when you see a show, wondering who they all are and what exactly they do? Then In The Wings is for you. Focusing on the people who are almost never in the news but who are essential to the making of the shows we all see and love, In The Wings explores the talents and stories behind the scenes, from the costume and scenic shops to the rehearsal room to the stage itself, with designers, artisans and craftspeople explaining their unique contributions to theatrical art in their own words. These short videos shine the spotlight on disciplines you may not even realize are a part of theatrical production and celebrate the full diversity of talent that contribute to bringing a show to the stage.

Sound Designer
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Robert Kaplowitz

Tony Award winning Sound Designer Robert Kaplowitz is responsible for the sound system and sound content of a production. In a play, that content includes both music and sound effects. His primary skills are listening and the ability to understand a play and help an audience connect to the text. Kaplowitz demonstrates creating sound effects and score. In a musical such as Fela!, he brings the existing music to the audience to create an immersive aural environment. Kaplowitz shares how he began his career and why he loves being a sound designer.

This edition of In The Wings was made possible by the generous support of R. Andrew Boose, Jonathan C. Herzog and Francine Pascal.

Original air date - July, 2010
Running Time - 07:31

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